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Reviews written by Unknown Tag: 'Username' (1 review)

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Baby Puss Unknown Tag: 'pic_title'
1943 MPAA: # 08885
 featuring Tom, Jerry, Little Girl, Meathead, Topsy, Butch

Baby Puss On Video!  Baby Puss BCDB Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1/5 stars from 15 users.)

Baby Puss 10 out of 5 stars

A great, underrated Tom & Jerry cartoon.

Reviewed by: cartune, June 03, 2003

This cartoon starts off with Tom being carrier by his upset owner (a little girl with a "Mommy obsession"). Tom is wearing booties, baby bonnet and diapers. He's put into his cradle, told not to get out of it and fed a baby bottle of milk. For Tom, it's all bad except for the milk.

Jerry soon gets in on the action and Tom proceeds to chase him around the nursery. After going back and forth for awhile, Tom's owner catches Tom outside of his cradle. She angrily picks him up and deposits him back into it. Tom decided to enjoy his bottle and forget Jerry's tauntings.

Wanting to cause more problems for Tom, Jerry gets 3 alley cats (Butch and friends) to run into then nursery. Instead of finding Jerry they find Baby Tom, instead.

The fun begins as the alley cats taunt poor Tom. Tom tries to stand up for himself but all it takes is one "A-goo" from the alley cats to cause Tom to shrink back. Tom is knocked back into his cradle where he seeks the comfort of his blanket and baby bottle. After Butch "rockie-byes" and "cootchie-coos" Tom, he is thrown into a fishbowl, diaper-first. When Tom frees himself from the fishbowl he's distressed at how wet his diaper is. The alley cats further make Tom feel like a naughty baby. Tom is then forced onto a changing table to receive his much-needed diaper change. Butch oils, powders and then places a clean, fresh diaper on Tom. Because Tom was not able to keep himself dry, Butch puts Tom in stretchy pair of Rubber Pants. After throwing a goldfish into the back of Tom's Rubber Pants, he starts to move to beat of Carmen Miranda 40's hit "Mama Eu Quero". The alley cats launch into a full blown version of the song while using Tom's Rubber Pants (bass) and whiskers (guitar strings) as musical instruments.

After awhile, Tom's owner returns. Everyone escapes except Tom. He's then placed in a high chair and made to eat castor oil. After get a mouthful he runs to a nearby window to heave. Jerry, who was standing under the highchair also gets a taste and he to runs to the window. The End.

This episode is great because it combines a lot of elements: Tom getting his come-uppance, musical song and dance numbers (Rock a Bye Baby, You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby, Baby Face, Mama Eu Quero), and the usual Tom and Jerry chase scene to make a memorable cartoon. Also memorable is how powerless Tom is when in the presence of his peers. Tom was a big bully who could get away wit picking on Jerry, but wasn't tough enough to fight with cats his own size. Thus, putting Tom in diapers to be treated like a baby was a good position for him.
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