Reviews written by Unknown Tag: 'Username' (1 review)

Reviews written by Unknown Tag: 'Username' (1 review)

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Hillbilly Hare Unknown Tag: 'pic_title'
1950 1130.
MPAA: 14195

Warner Bros. Cartoons, Inc.
 featuring Bugs Bunny, Curt Martin, Pumpkinhead Martin

Hillbilly Hare On Video!  Hillbilly Hare BCDB Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7/5 stars from 32 users.)

Hillbilly Hare 10 out of 5 stars

Anyone got a nickel so's I can juice up the jukebo

Reviewed by: Ouija, October 25, 2002

IMHO, this is the funniest cartoon ever released by any studio. Classic Bugs Bunny, outwitting two Hillbillies! The icing on the cake is Bugs calling a square dance, the hillbillies following fast-paced calls that get them into hilarious predicaments. This is a must-see!!
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