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My Reviews (1 review)

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No Time To Siesta For Tito and Burrito 8 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: TudorFan4Ever, April 09, 2011

As a longtime Warner Brothers fan, it has been interesting discovering the Columbia Studio animation stable thanks to the AntennaTV network. One of the nicest discoveries for me has been Tito and Burrito, a little Hispanic boy and his loyal burro. The two are nearly inseparable as they go about their adventures, and while some may consider the depictions as stereotypical, even I, as a multi-racial individual, found a certain innocence in the characters...and actually, they could be of any race or nationality because it's the lighthearted tale of a young boy and his animal companion. But this review isn't about political correctness good or bad. It's about Tito and Burrito...

And this time, their village is having a grand time celebrating a fiesta -- and in fact, Tito and his little girlfriend are having the most fun of all as they dance to the music, while Burrito also does a two-step (or would that be four-step) and joins in. But it all comes to an end when it's siesta time and the village goes into a total shutdown. But like most children (or teens), just because you're expected to turn in doesn't mean that you will, and the remainder of the cartoon shows Tito and Burrito's antics as they slip away from their own household and try to rejoin the Girl for a bit more fun -- while also avoiding waking up the entire town (and especially the Girl's ever watchful father).

The humor is not over-the-top as it might be with say Bugs Bunny. It is nearly understated, even with the few needed pratfalls and sight gags, however since there is no dialogue, we don't get any of the wit so beloved of the Warner characters. But spoken words aren't required. The characters are able to express themselves through their expressions and actions, and for this cartoon, that works quite well. The animation may be "primitive" by today's standards (especially if it's unfairly compared to a Pixar or some modern Disney work), but for the time it is well drawn and both Tito and Burrito's features are communicative as well as possessing the proper mischief necessary to pull it all off.

This was my second exposure to Tito and Burritoís adventures and I hope it wonít be the last. Regrettably, there donít seem to be many cartoons featuring them (they appear to have gone into a comic book stage), but Iíll certainly take pleasure in the ones I can. It was a delight watching those two break curfew and Iíd enjoy breaking it with them again!
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