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My Reviews (1 review)

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Hercules and the Tapestry of Fate 10 out of 5 stars

Hercules actually becomes a God!!

Reviewed by: C2od3, November 11, 2002

This is how it goes:
Herc and Icarus are annoyed that they missed out on getting the last tickest to The Concert. So Phil tells him that his dad is the big King of the Goddies. Zeus says,"Sorry Son. Maby the fates are against you."
So Icarus tells Herc to change the Tapestery of Fate. They Change it but herc felt guilty becuase it changed many things. Like Cassander loved Icarus and She looked like Helen of Troy.
So when Herc changes it back, Hades sees him and changes it so he is the King of Gods.
Hercules wakes up and finds out that he is a god and that hades is his dad.
He is then summened by Phil:
"Oh Mighty Hercules, Please come at my call"
Hercules appears and cant see him. He looks down and sees standing infront of his big toe (And when I say BIG, I mean BIG. He is a god so that makes him a Giant too.)
.. is a tiny phil. Hes about the same size as his toe. Phil grovelles and admits hes a janitor. Icarus flies down with his crowd of supporters. In them is Adonis.
Now If I was herc then, I would bend down and grab adonis and appear at my room and be mean to him by making him kiss my feet ect.

But Herc feels guilty so he tries to change back when Hades orders Zeus to destroy him. But Zeus quickly changes it back..
The fates are greatful and sends herc to the ticket place before adonis buys them all. He gets them then finds the fates had cancelled the concert.
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