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Experiment #032- Fibber 8 out of 5 stars

Fibber Episode, Reviewed by Sblaka

Reviewed by: Sblaka, January 20, 2004

Lilo & Stitch come home with Experiment #032, (which by the way, you do not see them capture it), After they bring it home, Nani asks Lilo if she has cleaned her room, after Lilo replies "yes" even though, she did not clean her room, Experiment #032, makes a "blegergh" noise, while flashing a sign on it's forehead and wagging it's tongue around...
Lilo then finds out from Jumba that it is experiment 032 and that it detects lies, because "The world is made up of lies" and bringing this "Lie detector" experiment will create world chaos.
That night, Agent Pleakley got yet another call from his mom. She has been calling for some time now, to get Pleakley to marry some ugly female alien, which Pleakley is definetly not into.
Lilo decides to answer it. Pleakley grabs the phone and now and then, when pleakley told a lie, 032 would make that buzzing noise (which throughout the episode, Stitch hides him in various places),
Later on, Pleakley tells her that she is getting married to someone, and his family (3 aliens) come down to see her. They make it that Nani is the bride, and Nani contributes because she doesn't want Lilo
to get stuck with Jumba...and a chainsaw...
They find out soon enough that Pleakley's first name is Wendy and his brother is jeaolous of it because it is a very fine name for his race.
As the wedding comes by, Nani gets out of the deal because they were hiring a REAL minister, so Jumba takes place in it.
Meanwhile, Gantu and 626 are on the way because they only JUST found out about the experiment.
They crash the wedding, but get taken by Stitch and flung back to where they came from, with 032 in hand.
Pleakley finds out what the mean things that his family said were lies, thanks to 032, and they were happy again...
Then Lilo decides that 032 would be better off with Gantu and the world isn't made up of lies, but love.
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