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Duel Of The Wizards (1985) Season 1 Episode 1X10-B- Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears Cartoon Episode Guide Duel Of The Wizards

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My Reviews (1 review)

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Duel of the Wizards 10 out of 5 stars

plot synopsis

Reviewed by: toad-e, October 28, 2003

The famous Wizard, Dom Gordo, of Ghent comes to the Gummi Glen Forest to gather some herbs, such as Queen Mad's Knuckles. When he arrives, what happens is that a closed door appears in the middle of the sky, and Dom shows up, emerging from the open door, floating on a cloud. He closes the door behind him and locks it with his magic key. Duke Igthorn and Toadie happen to witness this. Duke Igthorn orders Toadie to get him that Magic key that Dom left resting on top of his floating cloud. Toadie, as scared as he is, grabs the key from the cloud and throws it to Igthorn. Igthorn quickly puts it into a hollow hole inside a tree-trunk, where a branch was supposed to be. Well, the key falls deep inside the hollow hole, which is actually a chute that leads into Zummi's room, and it falls on top of his head. Meantime, Dom Gordo is chasing after Toadie until he runs into Duke Igthorn. When Igthorn opens his mouth to say "Hail, Dom Gordo of Ghent," Dom Gordo Turns him into a tadpole. But the Duke convinces him to turn himself back to a human, by threatening him that he has posession of his magic key, and that's the only way Dom can ever get home. Dom Gordo enters into a deal with Duke Igthorn that in exchange for getting his key back, Dom will help Igthorn conquer Dunwin Castle. Igthorn tells him to wait for him while he gathers his ogres to raid the castle. The truth is that the Duke doesn't have the key, and Zummi and Gruffi emerge on the scene and try to figure out why Dom Gordo is ripping up the forest as he's looking for his key. Dom Gordo is so stubborn and thinks that the gummis are trying to go after his key, that he doesn't even tell them that he lost his key. While he fights with the gummis by casting spells on them, the Duke comes back with his ogres. Igthorn tries to grab the gummis and Dom Gordo, as well. Dom casts a spell that a huge monster arises from the soil and tries to burry them all, and zummi casts a spell to grow a dandelion and raises Gruffi on it. When Gruffi catches up to the same height as Dom Gordo, he snatches his wand and breaks it in two. Fireworks light up the sky and all of Dom Gordo's spells are borken. Zummi's freed from the cage he was put in, the monster shrinks and retracts back to the earth, and the butterfly-ogres become full-sized ogres. Igthorn gets mad and walks away from Dom Gordo only because he no longer has a wand. Dom is left destitute and confesses to Zummi that the Duke left off with his key. Zummi finally takes the key out from his cloak and asks Dom Gordo if that was his key. Zummi and Gruffi tell him that if he only told them what his problem was, in the first place, they all could have avoided all that mess. Dom Gordo apologizes and promises to never do that again. Zummi apologizes for breaking his wand, and as Dom Gordo opens his door, he says, "That's all right. I have a spare!" and the gummis go back home.END
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