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Hassle In The Castle

Hassle In The Castle

Hassle In The Castle (1969) Season 1 Episode 45-2- Scooby Doo, Where Are You! Cartoon Episode Guide Hassle In The Castle

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My Reviews (1 review)

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MPT Coverage: Hassle In the Castle 5 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: MattPriceTime, April 01, 2012

On to my next Scooby Episode coverage, Hassle in the Castle

Once again as where i recall lots of Scooby episodes from earlier in life when i first saw them is quite hard since my childhood memory isn't as strong. Off the top of my head this episode is pretty well in my head as where the gang get marooned on an island and where the ghost appears. Lots of lines spring to mind from this episode probably from seeing it as much as i have

The premise has the Scooby gang marooned on an island with an old castle haunted by just a regular ghost. While it's general for Scooby, this one never really sold me as much. The ghost is simple and some of the mystery solving is a bit ehh to me in comparison to lots of others.

Once again we have our five in the Scooby gang who are pretty awesome to have in any situation. Our Ghost has someone good moments but overall i don't think was too memorable. When the Ghost is unmasked he shows some personality, but overall not the most interesting Scooby ghost.

Onto the rewatchability. While i may have downplayed the Ghost earlier, it's still a fun episode to watch. While it goes a little against what will become the scooby standard of always meeting the bad guy ahead of time, it still provides a fun episode to watch again and again.

If I have to bestow a rating on this episode i give it 9/10 A
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