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Review of : The Shoemaker And The Elves 4 out of 5 stars

ra caut

Reviewed by: racauth, September 07, 2014

Review of : The Shoemaker And The Elves
Originally Released in 1935.

Review Date: September, 2014

Cartoon Review:
An elderly kind shoemaker that takes in a freezing urchin child is rewarded by an industrious army of elves who use all sorts of inventivness to turn out lots of shoes.

As typical of the 30s era, high saturation of rich colors are used in the annimation and background graphics.

Additional Information:

To better appreciate the color range and intensity of these early cartoons go
to youtube and search "1930s how they made cartoons"
direct link:

tip: pay particular attention to the "background watercolorists" portion of this film.

More info on this cartoons music director,


- Joe De Nat was the Charles Mintzí studioís composer/arranger from the time sound came in to when Mintzí studio underwent a house cleaning by Columbia a number of months after Mintzí death just before 1940. De Nat was born in New York City on October 2, 1898 to Raphael and Hannah De Nat. His parents were from England, his grandparents from Holland. His father was a cigar manufacturer. After serving in WW1, he started publishing his own music in the 1920s.

In April 1930, De Nat packed up his wife Ida and headed for California with other selected members of the Mintz studio, where he remained for about another ten years. De Nat died comparatively young. The New York Times of August 15, 1951 stated his funeral would be held that day. He was 52. Possibly he had returned to New York City. De Nat and his wife divorced a month before his death

See above link @ tralfaz to learn more about Joeseph De Nat .
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