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My Reviews (1 review)

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The Simpsons Halloween Special III 10 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Pollengatherer, October 15, 2003

Treehouse of Terror #3 is one of my favorites. I liked all three stories (which is unusual for me).
There are several particularly good moments. From the first installment (Clown Without Pity), Homer is pursued by an evil Krusty doll as he bathes. Fleeing nude from the bathroom, he runs past Selma, Patty and Marge, who are seated at the kitchen table. Selma and Patty's eyes are as big as saucers for just a moment. Then they collect themselves and Selma (I believe) proclaims, "There goes the last thread of my heterosexuality". I have laughed out loud several times at that scene.
From the second story, (King Homer) I enjoyed Mr. Burns efforts to cover his intentions as regards Marge. You remember! Marge was "...the bait. Uh, the bait-thing beauty. The bathing beauty. I covered that up pretty well."
Finally, being a horror movie buff, I loved the treatment of almost all of the third story (Dial "Z" For Zombies). I didn't really get the part about the zombies Washington, Einstein and Shakespeare. Still, as a whole, it was very well done.
The constant, well placed, references to other stories (literary, movie or TV)is a Simpsons trademark. I have enjoyed it for years. Treehouse of Terror #3 was no exception. Sadly, the newer episodes could learn much from studying the older ones.
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