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My Reviews (1 review)

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Two For The Zoo 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Ray Pointer, November 29, 2001

This story by Pinto Colvig makes Gabby more of a Doubting Thomas type of know-it-all instead of an interfering pest. He is walking along with a basket of apples, eating one, when he bumps into a Postman, pushing a large parcel on wheels. The label reads, "To Royal Zoo Lilliput. Rubberneck Kango--Very Rare." At first Gabby doesn't believe there is such an animal until is makes an ominous howl. Suddenly, a baby creature with the droopy ears of a dog, the trunk of an elephant,the neck of a giraffe, and the body of a Kangaroo has poked his head out of the case and is eating one of Gabby's apples. Thinking this is the delivery, Gabby takes over, determined to delivery the baby Kango to the zoo himself.He slips a leash over the baby's neck, and they head down the street. Suddenly the baby's mother, a huge creature, breaks out of the shipping case, and goes looking for her baby. Taking a few steps, she catches up with Gabby and her baby, and picking the baby up with her trunk, she drops it into her front pouch and remains in stride with Gabby. As Gabby turns around, he does a double take, then concludes that the baby grew behind his back. "If I didn't see it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it!" The mother Kango reaches up to a coconut tree and swallows a coconut whole making a bowling strike sound along the way. Suddenly she gets the hiccups. Gabby advises her to hold her breath. But as she does, her face inflats until she can hold no more and release the force of a hurricane, blowing Gabby backwards three or four steps. He calls out to the Kango, "Hold on, there's only one way to cure hiccups..., then falling back into a full horse troft, he finishes, "water!" Gabby fills a pail of water and runs to the Kango with a ladder. Climbing up the ladder about to give the Kango the water, she hiccups again and manages to run down the rungs of the ladder, bouncing all the way to the base, then in reflex rises up with the ladder balanced on her head. Gabby is still atop the ladder, calling to her to hold her breath again as he tries to balance on the ladder with the pail of water in his hand. She looses control again, an Gabby is went flying spilling the water. He lands and the baby rolls out of its mother's pouch. Once Gabby pulls his hat up from his eyes, he starts to look up expecting to see the mother, and now sees the baby before him. Now he thinks that this creature can grow large and shrink. Frustrated now, he pulls on the baby, screaming,"Come on grow big." Just then, the mother steps in, and gives Gabby a discerning look. Gabby sees the mother and now figures the whole thing out, saying, "Oh, just givin' him stretchin' exercises so he'll grow tall like you." He then zips out as the mother Kango chases after him. Gabby runs into the zoo, frantically trying to find someone to take him in. Gabby runs into a cage followed by the angry Kango. Gabby jumps through a door, locks it and swallows the key. The camera then revelas that he has locked himself in a monkey cage. This short not only has a lot of plot details, but probably is one of the best stories in the series. Gabby is really not the annoying know it all here, just a victim of mistaken identities. In addition, TWO FOR THE ZOO is animated better than the previous shorts in this series. And the pre-Dr. Seuss type of animals here make it worth seeing.
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