My Reviews (2 reviews)

My Reviews (2 reviews)

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Kurenai No Buta 10 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: rubberpheasant, January 02, 2004

Hands down my favorite anime of all time. This is such a charming movie, and it has elements to appeal to everyone. Action, humor, romance and Ghibli's usual gorgeous backgrounds are all here; the characters are appealing and the story is sweet without being syrupy. Fans of steampunk and early aircraft will also enjoy the designs of the planes. A great film!
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Kurenai No Buta 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: bernardp, January 14, 2002

Kurenai no Buta (or Porco Rosso or The Crimson Pig) is a wonderful and unique film. Unusually for an Anime this is an aerobatic period piece, set around the Italian Adriatic in the first part of the Twentieth century. Marco is a famous pilot who has been transformed into a pig, probably because of his shame at the shortcomings of his own humanity and that which he has seen around him. The romantic charm of the story seems to lift his curse at the end, but this is only hinted at, and the plot allows the director to indulge his love of vintage flying machines as Marco fights for his honour in the colourful and beautifully drawn world of Miyazaki. The spectacular escape from Piccolo's aeroplane factory is a tour-de-force of animation, if you are lucky enough to see it. The film never loses its charm as Marco's feelings for the beautiful Gina and the impulsive Fio are speculated upon, during what appears to be one endless summer. Unforgettable film making.
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