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My Reviews (1 review)

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Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: expo66, January 16, 2002

How can one begin to describe the BEST musical made for television in history, live or animated? Whether it's a combo of luck and talent doesn't matter as the gorgeous and unforgettable score by Jule Styne (The Lord's Bright Blessing, All Alone in the World, WInter was Warm, We're Despicable, Ringle-Ringle) is a parade of brilliance that people recall nearly 40 years after their first viewing. A wonderful framing device of Magoo on Broadway as Scrooge drops us in and out of this fun contrivance (for t.v. commercial spot convenience evidently) and it's the finest version of the Christmas Carol yet produced (with Finney's 1970 Scrooge a distant second) and I've seen them all!! Now on DVD and uncut, which is not how the show has been presented in the last 20 years with two numbers unceremoniously butchered. A joy from 1962 as timeless in 2002. Along with Magoo's TV short "Count of MOnte Cristo"- the two best UPA offerings ever. ****
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