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My Reviews (1 review)

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MPT Coverage: The Ghost of the Red Baron 4 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: MattPriceTime, May 02, 2012

My next coverage comes to this episode of the new Scooby Movies with the guest stars of the 3 stooges.

Based on memory i have to say the concept of the episode is far more easily remembered than the actual substance. In my mind this episode clearly triggers "the episode where they had the red baron with the 3 stooges." Plus the may day joke made by Velma when she's up in the plane

Our story for this episode brings us to the mystery inc gang once more getting stranded and this time it's on a creepy airfield connected to crop beds that need to be flown over to take care of them. Who happens to be the person in charge of crop dusting? Curly of the three stooges, setting up for a typical Scooby Doo plot with the ghost of the red baron shows up.

The mystery inc characters are their typical loveable selves. We also see the three stooges in animated form in this episode. I give credit to the HB team on that creative department. The stooges are entertaining in this episode. The ghost of the Red Baron looks kinda cool but the springing doesn't really help him get up there. The rest of the characters are kind of typical Scooby fodder

In the rewatch department. These New Scooby Movies basically doubled the time for a Scooby adventure and i do think it hurts them sometimes in keeping the attention for rewatching. This episode isn't bad but because of the format it does seem drawn out and sometimes during the rewatch it's not as high as it could be.

If i have to bestow a rating on this episode i give it 8/10 B
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