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My Reviews (1 review)

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs 10 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Koko, April 21, 2004

This episode is based on the tv show, "Unsolved Mysteries" which this episode is called, Unsolved Fairytales with the "Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs" twist. Gordon plays as the show host, Robert Stunk, and Rhonda plays as Snow White, a very pretty, but not very bright ski bunny, who always win the ski contests in her hometown of Hi-Ho. Wicked Queen(Madam Pokipsi) is very jealous of her because of her beauty and her brillants as a ski bunny. The lame part is Wicked Queen wants to rely on a very handsome ski instructor, Mario on "who is the fairiest of all." Well that worked...once! Second time comes around is when Mario gives The Wicked Queen the cold shoulder and said Snow White's name. That really set her off and hired a thug(Bob Shumway) to kidnap Snow White. Although Snow White asks important questions like, "Who do you work for?" He would replied, "I can't tell you!" Snow White plays twenty questions with the thug, she pieces together the evidence on who hires the thug. Of course she is not a very bright ski bunny. Snow White and the thug were lost in the middle of nowhere. Being a generous thug he is, he decided to leave Snow White alive. He could have killed her, but he decided to leave her. Snow White found a photo booth, and instead of asking for directions back to the town of Hi-Ho, the "idiotic" Snow White ask the photo booth lady if her pictures came back, but won't come out until next week. The "tired" Snow White is walking through a snow storm, and if that wasn't bad enough, she is being confronted by a bear. She tries to ski away from the bear and got to the dwarf valley. The bear saw a sign that says, "Bear are not allowed", the bear just walked away from Snow White and from the dwarf valley. Snow White enters the home and looks around the "pig sty" place. She goes into the kitchen, and suddenly she has the powerful urge to clean up the whole house in less than twenty seconds. The whistle blows from the tea cattle is when she is done cleaning. Meanwhile, the wicked queen was visited by the thug, who has brought Snow White's "so-called" body parts. Wicked Queen didn't realized how well he is acting based on his mild mannered personality. Anyway, The seven ski boms(dwarfs) came home to a clean house, finds Snow White in one of the Ski Bom's bed. Sleazy & Flaky(Rick & Skip who plays the only two ski boms with lines) introduce themselves to her. She tells them that someone is trying to kill her. The ski boms agreed to let her hang out with them and quickly became friends. She cooked and cleaned for them and Flaky told her not to answer the door while their gone. Wicked Queen felt disapointed by Mario's response to her and thought that the thug seems "too nice!" So she went to the dwarf valley as the "Friut of the month" club member and leaves Snow White with a fresh apple and a hot chocolate. It turns out to be the poison apple she ate and leaves her dead. The ski boms later found her dead and learns the only way to awake her is a kiss from a handsome prince, which is a major problem since there is no handsome prince in this story. So they tried every man in the world, but none could not break the spell. Getting tired of narrating the story, Robert wants to meet Snow White, and the only way to do that is to ski good(which in my opinion he is not.) So he sets up a dating game. He finally kissed Snow White, and she comes alive. They caught the wicked queen and Robert and Snow White lived happily ever after.
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