My Reviews (1 review)

My Reviews (1 review)

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Gabby Goes Fishing 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Ray Pointer, November 29, 2001

Gabby comes by a dock where a boy is fishing. Although the boy has been doing well on his own, Gabby decides that the boy needs his instruction. Gabby dismisses the nice mess of fish the boy has, dumping them back into the water, exclaiming, "Why, I use them for bait!" All the while, a mischievious fish jumps up to gobble down the discarded fish, and nearly misses Gabby's middle finger. The boy gets another fish, and Gabby takes over, breaking the rod, then handing it back to the boy says, "See, ya lost him. The mischievious fish laughs at Gabby, who runs to the Fish and tackle shop and outfits himself for fishing. He then rows out onto the lake, and the mischievious fish pulls the drainage plugs out causing the boat to leak just as Gabby is about to eat lunch.He sticks his index finger in the hole. Then when the other plug is pulled, he sticks the finger of the other hand in that hole. Now with both hand occupied, the fish hops into the boat and examines Gabby's lunch, then leap off with the lunch pail. Gabby produces a harpoon gun,(now don't ask how we got there with the boat leaking before), and fires at the fish. The harpoon catches the lunch pail, and continues down the the lake bottom. The fish swims to it and sees that the harpoon has landed near a sunken outboard motor. The fish wraps the line around the flywheel on the motor and gives a tug. When Gabby pulls back on the line, it starts the outboard, whic surfaces, and we see its rudder is inverted looking like a shark's fin. The runaway outboard sends Gabby on a wild water skiing stunt, ending with him hitting a rock, flying forward, and landing in the boy's fishing net. And as the catch of the day, Gabby does a wet Slow burn as water spews out of his ears. This story had potention, although the story format starts to become evident here. All the same,it sufferes from some weak story points and undefined character design on the fish character.
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