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The Fresh Vegetable Mystery

The Fresh Vegetable Mystery (1939) - Color Classics Theatrical Cartoon Series The Fresh Vegetable Mystery

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My Reviews (1 review)

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The Fresh Vegetable Mystery 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Ray Pointer, November 29, 2001

This is an unusual cartoon in that is avoids being the type of fairtale fantasy or morale fable that the earlier Color Classics were. Instead, we see a kitchen with a group of vegetables settling down for the night. Mother Pea rocks her children in a pea pod cradel, and Mother Carrot kisses her babies as they sleep in a 24 karot goblet-like bed. In the meantime, an Irish potato cob struts around the corner, beginning his nightly beat, and sneaks a glass of beer at the back door of the local beer keg. As the midnight hour approaches, the hands of the clock sneak up on the hour, then spin three or four times at the sound of a gong. Suddenly, an cloaked figure with an ominous claw sneaks along an upper shelf. Seeing the sleeping baby carrots, the cloaked figure swoops down, and in a flash the babies are gone. The mother wakes up and screams as the Potato Cop rushes to the scene to find out what has happened. A knife is thrown with a warning note marked,"Beware!" The cop calls a dragnet out, a squad of other potato cops scurry out of a gradually collapsing sack of "Paddy's Potatoes". They raid the beer keg and drag out suspects. One is an orange who is place in a juicing machine. The interrogator says, "So ya won't talk, eh? We'll sqeeeeeese it out of ya!" Two "pickled" onions exclaim, "We don't know nothin', we're strangers from Bermuda." A tough looking egg with a cross of band aids answers, "The yokes on yoouse guys. I'm hard boiled!" Just then the mysterious cloaked menace shuts off the light, and all the potato cops scramble about in the confusion, trying to catch the cloaked figure. The first cop manages to grab the tail of the cloak, but in the chase, he is pulled over a vegetable grater, and gets his back peeled. Two other potato cops mount an egg beater, using it like a unicycle. The spinning blades catch the cloak, pulling it away to reveal a group of mice running along with a nutcracker. The mice then run through what looks like a mouse hole, but is actually a flat facade in front of an old fashioned cage type mouse trap that looks just like a jail cell. Once trapped, they all start to argue in voices sounding a like the Dead End Kids, as one mouse says, "Now look where we are, so what did it get us?"
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