My Reviews (1 review)

My Reviews (1 review)

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Destructive Nature 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Sish Sadeet, October 12, 2001

Mayor Manx tries to persuade foreign investor Mr. Young to house his corporate headquarters in the brand-new 300-story office building, Megakat Towers. Unfortunatly, his plans are ruined by Dr. Viper, eager for renvenge since his last defeat ( see "The Giant Bacteria"). Viper seizes control of the tower with his army of acid-spitting plantimals, taking Callie hostage in the process. Atop the roof he places a giant "spor pod", which is set to explode and cover Megakat City with its seeds, turning it into the "Megaswamp City" Viper dreams of. A very good episode, one of the ebst Dr. Viper stories. It mirrors Die Hard, The Towering Inferno, and other movies set inside impossibly high skyscrapers, and is just as briskly paced and exciting. Viper is at his best here, too. The plantimals, however, are a bit bland and most of them are far too comical to seem even minutely threatening. The animation isn't the best, either, but it doesn't at all take away from the story, which, while it's mostly alla ction and zero character development, is still enjoyable. Suffice to say, its worth checking out.
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