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My Reviews (1 review)

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The Lion's Share 6 out of 5 stars

One of Only Two Episodes to Have Opening Scene Bef

Reviewed by: richardjf, October 18, 2003

Lion's Share and "Double Date" were the only two episodes to have scenes before the opening song and credits.
Also, most of the opening scenes in the credits comes from "Double Date."
In "Lion's Share", the Holidays are going on vacation, but can't afford it. Groovia's father, Herman, rubs it in that he is taking the family to lovely Pompeii Springs. Gus then learns that the Holidays can take a vacation by house-swapping. They go to Pompeii Springs as well and meet up with Herman and his wife and the home they stay in is much nicer than what Herman has his family in.
Gus invites the other clan to stay with them, but then they learn the actual owner of the home, Mr. Moneyus, has no clue what is going on and has summoned the police. Mr. Moneyus then says nothing is stolen so he drops the charges. Herman is very insulting to Gus and they leave with Groovia.
Gus then realizes his own home is being robbed while they were on vacation. The Holidays hurry back to find their home empty, but Mr. Evictus had locked the criminals in the garage with all the Holidays furniture, as he believed Gus had hired the men to get their property in secret so they could skip out on Mr. Evictus without paying rent. Turned out the man who ran the house-swapping deal was the ringleader as he was locked in the garage too. Mr. Evictus was a hero!
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