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My Reviews (1 review)

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Trial Of The Superfriends 6 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: dakzy, January 05, 2002

In the foothills of Metropolis at the National Astrochemical Research Plant, Batman, Robin, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern stand guard at the base. They watch on as scientists reveal they have harnessed the sunís proton energy into liquid form. The Superfriends wait for the Air Force to arrive to transport the liquid light as Brainiac, Scarecrow and Cheetah plot to steal it. Cheetah tries to break into the plant and fools Wonder Woman into harnessing a robot rocket. She summons her invisible jet to save her but looses her Magic Lasso to Cheetah. Green Lantern uses his power ring to stop Brainiac only to have it stolen from him. Scarecrow commands a flight of crows to capture Batman and Robinís utility belts. Back at the Hall of Doom Luthor is pleased with their success and heads off to seize the liquid light. Bizarro breaks into the plant as the four Superfriends are easily rounded up without their power devices. Later the Superfriends are brought before Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom to stand trial. Sinestro as prosecutor accuses the Superfriends of upholding law and justice and use the recent events at the Astrochemical Plant as evidence. The jury quickly comes to a verdict of guilty. Luthor sentences the Superfriends to battle Brainiacís robot Superfriends armed with their own power devices. At the Hall of Justice the other Superfriends have no idea what happened to their comrades at the plant so Superman, Flash and Black Vulcan streak off to investigate. They find Bizarro and Black Manta in control of the liquid light who pour it out of its container leaving it free to destroy everything in its path. Back at the Hall of Doom the captured Superfriends are beamed to separate remote areas around the world along with their android counterparts. Three chases ensue as the Legionís androids track down their prey. Meanwhile near the research plant the liquid light flows on towards the unsuspecting town of Kendalville. The Superfriends try their best but cannot stop it. In a last effort Flash creates a cyclone which pulls the liquid light into the sky where it falls back to Earth as harmless shooting stars. Meanwhile in the dense jungle, Wonder Woman uses her telepathy to regain control of her magic lasso and defeat her android opponent. In the swamp, Batman and Robin are trapped in a giant web set by their robot opponents with their own utility belts. The two Superfriends trick the impostors into running right into the trap they set and retrieve their devices. In the desert, Green Lantern uses a yellow road sign to bounce a Green energy bubble back at Brainiacís android. With his counterpart trapped, Green Lantern takes back his power ring and sets off to join his comrades. The Superfriends regroup back at the Astrochemical Plant where the Legion of Doom is threatening to release all of the liquid light which would destroy the entire Earthís surface. The Superfriends storm the plant as Superman burrows through the bottom it. He smashes a hole in the container holding the liquid light which harmlessly pours into the Earthís core. The Superfriends round up the Legion of Doom who slip away with one of Luthorís transporter devices. However yet another battle is won for the side of justice and the Superfriends.
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