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My Reviews (1 review)

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Where's Josie 6 out of 5 stars

Shades of the Scooby Movie "The Haunted Showboat"

Reviewed by: richardjf, August 14, 2003

In the first episode of Josie in Outer Space, the gang finds the forgettable Bleep, then the android Josie. The real Josie had been kidnapped by the bad guy, Karnak. Later, all the gang would be replaced with robot look-alikes; however, there would be no cases of mistaken identity, a missed opportunity. There is only one single file chase scene with the real group and the robots, which includes the song "Double Bubble, No More Trouble."
The robots are easily defeated by short-circuiting in water (we see a Josie robot blow a fuse twice, very amusing).
Listen for Mike Road (Race Bannon from Jonny Quest) as a councillor on the planet.
The only thing I recall enjoying about this cartoon was Alexandra's space version of her original red mini-skirt outfit. Alas, no one else would have such attire. Josie, Meldoy and Valerie would wear yellow costumes, I guess space versions of their Pussycat costumes, and both guys would wear blue outfits. Bit of a letdown.
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