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My Reviews (1 review)

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Johnny Bravo The Sensitive Male 8 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Anonymous Cartoon Lover, November 11, 2010

Johnny Bravo in the The Sentive Male : cartoon
The cartoon begins by showing Johnny on a normal day, looking for likely cute girls who might be willing to go out with him. He approaches a "hottie" as he says, and asks her out on a date. He displays his ample muscles, doing some of his best 'poses' for her. He tells her what a great treat it will be for her to be so lucky as to be in the company of such a 'studly' as himself. She is not impressed. A dorky little guy comes up and asks the same girl out, being sweet and quoting poetry. She says 'yes' and Johnny, for the rest of the show is trying to follow the "Dork"s instructions on how to impress women. All his directions are done as a parody of "Grammar Rock" by the Dork and it is hilarious ! Must be seen to be appreciated ! I chose this cartoon to watch because it was titled with a virtue that Johnny totally lacks. I loved the whole thing but the take-off on Grammar Rock was inspired ! The only thing I disliked was that there couldn't be a lot more cartoons done with this parody as a part of it.
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