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My Reviews (1 review)

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Sandy's Choice 2 out of 5 stars

Oh, this was the turkey episode

Reviewed by: richardjf, August 13, 2003

As much as I am enjoying the old cartoons from the seventies on Cartoon Network, this was the episode that sorely tested me with Devlin.
A visit to an aunt and uncle leads to the conclusion, by the aunt, that Sandy needs stability. The aunt tells Ernie that Sandy should stay with her, Ernie decides if that is best for Sandy, then he agrees. Sandy decides if the brothers don't want her around, then she will go with the aunt. Everyone is miserable (the aunt and uncle see how unhappy Sandy is with them) trying to make everyone else happy! It was ludicrous.
Only a neighbor girl who Sandy plays with one time tells Sandy that it would be cool to travel with the circus and is thereby the only one making any sense in this ridiculous episode.
MIckey Dolenz offering up the other brother's voice is the only saving grace in this silly cartoon.
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