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Cartoon Info

Thank you for your interest in downloading content from The Big Cartoon DataBase.

We have had a lot of interest in making slices of the information in our database available for download. Depending on the extent of the information you want, there are three levels you can choose.
Content Basic Membership Full Senior
Title Included Included Included
Release Year Included Included Included
Characters Included Included Included
Studio Included Included
Voice Included Included
Director Included Included
Writer Included
Producer Included
Music Included
Awards Included
Animators Included
Animation Studio Included
Distributor Included

The basic membership is automatically included with a $25.00 per year (or more) donation; you can find information on joining here. The full and senior levels are priced on a per-download basis for a one-time dump of data- please contact us with your interests for those rates.

The dump's are licensed only for your personal use in an off-line environment. The data may not be recompiled or used in any way on any other website. For full licensing terms- which you must agree to to use this data dump- please see our Copyright Page.

Currently available slices include:


Commercial Productions
Classic Theatrical Shorts
Feature Films

Famous Studios

Casper, The Friendly Ghost
Modern Madcaps
Popeye the Sailor

Fleischer Studios

Betty Boop
Popeye the Sailor
Screen Songs

20th Century Fox: TerryToons

Deputy Dawg
Heckle and Jeckle
Mighty Mouse


Feature Films


Tom and Jerry

Universal Studios

Andy Panda
Chilly Willy
Woody Woodpecker

Warner Bros.

Looney Tunes
Merrie Melodies

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