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Tips to Getting More Out Of Search!

We have tried to make The Big Cartoon DataBase as logical and easy to use as possible. Every cartoon is keyed to the studio that produced the cartoon. As you can see from the main page, you just drill down through the appropriate studio to find the correct series or format (short, feature film) to find the cartoon you are looking for.
But if you do not know the studio... or do not care to drill down through all the categories... we have a pretty powerful search function. This is available from every page, on the upper left of the page. This search will search most fields for the terms you enter. This may work just fine.... or you may get a lot of extraneous data. You can also go to the appropriate studio or other category, and search only in that category (and downward). This will help limit results. Just choose the Search This Series radio button beneath the search box!

We also have a Detailed Search page. Here, you can search specific fields in the DataBase, like just the directors.... or just the characters. Further down the page, you can also perform cross-referenced searches, such as films directed by one person, and written by another. This page should help you refine your search as much as possible.

Other search tips

  1. Don't search for common words like "the" and "an".
  2. Search for the most obscure terms you have (Search "Marvin", not "Martian".)
  3. Check your initial results, and use them to help hone a more refined search.
  4. Use "-" to eliminate results. If you are looking for "Bugs In Love" and search "Bugs", you will see a LOT of Bugs Bunny cartoons in there. Get rid of them in your next search by searching "bugs -bunny"

All of this assumes you have at least some information to search for to begin with. Sometimes you may want to find an obscure cartoon you saw when you were ten. We cannot be a whole lot of help there... you have to have something to search for. So just try a couple terms.... you cannot break the Big Cartoon DataBase! Who knows, you might get lucky... or find something else fun!