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Contact The Big Cartoon DataBase

Thank you for contacting The Big Cartoon DataBase. We can't wait to hear from you. We would be happy to respond to inquiries that are within our purview... questions about licensing our data, advertising queries and press inquiries.

Any site questions, suggestions or improvement ideas are always welcome! But if you have video submissions, please submit them from the page of the cartoon you are asking about. Similarly, to send us information about a specific cartoon, please submit it from that specific cartoons page. It helps us make the changes quickly and efficiently.

One of our main goals is to share information, and to help educate each other. C Heck it out, there are currently more than 150,000 cartoons in the Big Cartoon DataBase- that is more than any one person can know about. Rather than e-mail the few of us that work on the DataBase directly, if you want to know about a mystery cartoon, we suggest you post directly on the Big Cartoon Forum. Call it cartoon crowd sourcing if you want, but you stand a much better chance of getting a good (and quick!) answer when you address your questions to all our users. So if you have a question about a cartoon you remember and can't name, or any trivia about a cartoon, you probably might do best to post at the Big Cartoon Forum.


For various reasons, there are many questions we CAN NOT respond to. We are not lawyers and will not address legal questions; we are not a video store, and cannot address availability questions; we are not a studio or broadcaster and have no say in production or programming. If your send messages involving any of the following, we will not be responding:
  • Questions about current ownership of cartoon properties
  • Questions regarding using images or videos of characters on your website, tee-shirts or any other use
  • Custom art requests (I need an image for a tattoo...)
  • Programming Questions (Why did you cancel...)
  • Questions that should be addressed directly to Studios, Animation companies or networks
  • Any user-created artwork questions or submissions
  • Any cartoon trivia question. ANY.
  • Appraisal requests; we do not value any items.
  • Addresses or contact information for any animator or studio (That is on our FAQ page, BTW
  • Video Requests. If we have then, they are posted. 'Nuff Said.
  • DVD or VHS Requests. Try Amazon, ok?
  • Any submissions without real names and e-mails (we hold this information confidential, but we still need to know who we are talking to)
We do not mean to sound like jerks- and maybe we do- but there are just a lot of things we just cannot help you with, even if we wanted to. We Just Do Not Know! Keep in mind- we are an online website and a Database, and what we do- and what we know- is our website. Not what cartoons are on video. Not whatever film you have is worth.

We are NOT a video store, and we do not know what cartoons are or are not available
We are NOT a Cartoon Network, and we cannot tell you why they canceled a show, or if it will ever be on again
We are NOT a cartoon store, and we cannot appraise or evaluate your old, cartoon-related items
We are NOT a cartoon studio, and we cannot speak for them regarding productions
We are NOT lawyers, so we will not be addressing any of your legal concerns.
We do NOT use or publish user-created artwork- we have no use for it- so the same deal here (no matter how talented you think your nephew is!).

But if you have questions or comments directly related to the Big Cartoon DataBase... those we are happy to deal with! Even if they are critical of our site; in fact, especially if they are critical. That is how we create a better site- we listen to your criticisms!

So, now that we have set the ground rules, still want to contact us? OK then- here you go!

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