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Other Studios: C: C- Miscellany: Colleges and Universities: De Montfort University

Roger The Dog 1983
Leicester Polytechnic
 featuring Roger the Dog.

Roger The Dog There have not yet been any votes for "Roger The Dog". Vote Now! 23

Other Studios: S: S- Miscellany: Selkirk

Hawk Roosting 1982
 featuring Gravedigger, Boxers.

Hawk Roosting There have not yet been any votes for "Hawk Roosting". Vote Now! 23

Warner Bros.: Feature Films

The Iron Giant Free Cartoon Pictures The Iron Giant1999
Warner Bros. Feature Animation
 featuring Hogarth Hughes, Annie Hughes, Dean McCoppin, Iron Giant, Kent Mansley, Mrs. Tensedge; more Characters More Cartoon Characters...

The Iron Giant On Video!  The Iron Giant BCDB Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.25 stars from 14 users.)