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Hittin' The Trail For Hallelujah Land Pictures Of Cartoons Hittin' The Trail For Hallelujah Land1931 5025 4
A Hugh Harman-Rudolf Ising Production...
 featuring Piggy, Fluffy, Uncle Tom, Villain, Skeletons, Alligator.

Hittin' The Trail For Hallelujah Land On Video!  BCDB Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.75 stars from 306 users.)

Merrie Melody No. 5, 1931 - The Censored 11 Begins Here!!!

Comments by: Rating: 10 out of 10 stars Posted: February 10, 2010

Piggy, Fluffy, and Racism Reign!!

This is the second and final Piggy/Fluffy short. Why they failed so utterly is for history to decree but the real interest of this forgettable piece of animation history comes from the racial content causing its utter banning from the airwaves and distribution. Uncle Tom is spoofed and spooked by some ghosts, with Piggy to the rescue. There's nothing that's so outlandish that it is utterly shocking but clearly there's some controversy to be had with the "basic" depictions of the characters themselves. The music is solid with the solo work being particularly strong. So why is this essential? More for historical reasons than anything else, to be sure, but it's the history of these cartoons that make the impact they make sometimes, so there you have it.
Note: The so-called Censored 11 are a series of 11 Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies that have been banned from any and all forms of exhibition. This was done in the late 1960s and is more or less held up to this day. Luckily we have the internet.
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Hittin' the Trail for Hallelujah Land

Comments by: Rating: 6 out of 10 stars Posted: November 20, 2001
Piggy, a pig, and his girlfriend on an adventure along the Mississippi River. While these have got to be among the ugliest cartoon characters ever created, and with very little personality, this is a very good cartoon. The music is particularly catchy, and this is unusually event-packed, there are multiple subplots at once. The short opens with a black chorus singing the title song on a cartoony riverboat, with Piggy as the captain. Piggy's girlfriend, escorted by her servant Uncle Tom, joins him on the riverboat. Then the plot splits off-Uncle Tom falls asleep at the horse and falls into a haunted graveyard, and Piggy and the girl make music on the boat.Tom has to face murderous ghosts ("You're hittin' the trail for hallelujia land!") and finally runs away, falling in the river. Piggy sees him and goes to rescue him, having touble with an alligator along the way. (A funny gag has the pig jumping from the boat, with his mickey mouse-like shorts remaining in place, then "rewinding" back into his pants and jumping again.) While Piggy is preoccupied, a villain runs off with the girl. Piggy stops the villain (quite painfully) and everyone goes away happy (except for the villain.)
The reason we don't see this anymore is due to its black content, with Uncle Tom as a slave in the old South, depicted as easily frightened and superstitious. True, this is a bit offensive, but if it is ignored, so is some great animation, writing, and music. If you're interested and you ever find this available, don't hesitate to get it.
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