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Box-Office Bunny Cartoon Picture
Box-Office Bunny

Box-Office Bunny

Alternate Title: Box Office Bunny

Box-Office Bunny (Box Office Bunny) (1991) - Looney Tunes Theatrical Cartoon Series Box-Office Bunny

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  • Looney Tunes Theatrical Cartoon Series
  • Distributed by: Warner Bros.
  • Cartoon Characters: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Elmer Fudd.
  • Originally Released in 1991.
  • Color
  • Running Time: 4:58 minutes.
  • U.S.A.  U.S.A.

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Box-Office Bunny

Posted: October 07, 2004

Box-Office Bunny

Apparently, the Looney Tunes' Saturday morning show with the original toons had been so popular for so long that Warner Bros. thought that it would be a good idea to commision new projects featuring these characters. One problem though: Mel Blanc, the man who provided the voices for ever other non-Fudd Looney Tune character, had died the previous year. Of course, even in his old age, the voices were not what they had been. But, determined to make a quick buck, Warner Bros. announced a Looney Tunes revival and a return to the big screen. Their savior, at the time, was a man named Jeff Bergman. In the cartoon Box Office Bunny, he provided the voices of Bugs, Daffy, and ELMER!!! For the first time in years, Elmer had a voice man whom instilled confidence in executives and Elmer became a viable character again, revived along with the other Looney Tune characters on the roster (although in a 'politically correct' capacity).
However, Bergman didn't instill as much confidence as had been previously hoped. So, he was fired after only a few short years. Billy West is the one who provides Elmer Fudd's voice whenever needed now. Although Billy is no Arthur Q. Bryan, he's certainly light years better than Hal Smith. And that, in the animation business, is enough to insure that Elmer's will see a long life.

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