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Cobra Stops The World Cartoon Picture
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Cobra Stops The World

Cobra Stops The World

Cobra Stops The World (1985) Season 1 Episode 600-05- G.I. Joe Cartoon Episode Guide Cobra Stops The World

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  • G.I. Joe Cartoon Episode Guide
  • Distributed by: Claster Television Productions
  • Cartoon Characters: Duke, Major Bludd, Cutter, Lead Cobra, Sparks, Destro, Ace, Cobra Officer, Col. Sharpe, Cobra Commander, Crimson Guard, Man, Deep Six, Scarlett, Torpedo.
    Additional Characters: Low-Light, Wet Suit, Pierre LaFonte, Taurus, Beach Head, Airborne, Nemesis Enforcer, Zandar, Dr. Mindbender, Dial Tone, Mike Randall, Serpentor, B.A. LaCarre, Buck McCann, Slip-Stream, Charles Fairmont, Dr. Filmoss, Tommy Talltree, Timothy Penser, Sci-Fi, Vena, Leatherneck, Cross-Country, Snow Job, Tripwire, WWI American Pilot, Mainframe, Zarana, Thrasher, Sgt. Slaughter, Lifeline.
  • Originally Released in 1985.
  • Season: 1
  • Color
  • Running Time: 30 minutes.
  • U.S.A.  U.S.A.

Cartoon Comments:

Cobra Stops The World

Posted: February 20, 2003

This is cobra's sneakiest thing involving oil supp

The way Cobra Commander uses his fighters to destroy the off shore oil rigs, his Tanks to stop the on mainland oil fields, and his helicopters to damage the Alaskan Pipeline then uses Destro's Cloaking device to hide the south american oil tankers. Then Destro tells him that he already has suspected that the joes are onto them. At the same time the joe known as Sparks tells Coloniel Sharp that if he can get this special remote energy tracking device to work they would be able to find where the oil tankers and the cobra base was at. Meanwhile Deep six and Torpedo are ordered by Duke to check out a floating cobra base in the atlantic ocean and Scarlett is checking out a place in California that she beleves is a cobra hideout. Duke is with Ace in a Skystriker searching over South America's jungles and when a cobra rattler shoots them down Major Bludd takes them captive. Then Ace Fakes an injury to fool Bludd and then Duke and Ace gets their guns and finds their camp where some natives live. Duke and Ace find out that Diamonds power Destro's machine when they see some cobra troops guarding the opening of a Diamond mine. Then Ace takes a Rattler up in the air while Duke takes another one to seal the mine shaft. Then Ace lands to pick duke up. Scarlett finds out the cobras in that place in california can't tell her anything she wants to know but when Cobra Commander comes on tv and blows one of the tankers up Sparks gets on the Radio and informs them all where the cobra base is. Then they all attack but when Duke and Ace show up in the Rattler one of Cobra's ground troops thinks that the rattler will take Scarlett out who is on a paracute. Duke and Ace fire some missles down on the cobra tanks and land then Scarlett joins them and when they close in on Cobra Commander and Destro even though they destroy the machine and the detinator device. Cobra Commander and Destro still get away. Then when they are flying back to base Duke and Scarlett are talking about getting something to eat but when they turn towards town Duke says the only problem they would have is finding a parking space for the skystriker! That is one episode that shows teamwork of all the joes going to the different places and finding out what they need to save all the world' oil from being in the hands of cobra.

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