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City Of The Ancient Ones Pictures Cartoons City Of The Ancient Ones1981
Filmation Associates
 featuring John Blackstar, Balkar, Terra, Klone the Shapeshifter, The Mighty Overlord, Mara the Sorceress, Warlock; more Characters More Cartoon Characters...

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City of the Ancient Ones

Comments by: Rating: 8 out of 10 stars Posted: November 01, 2002


"John Blackstar, Astronaut, is swept through a black hole into an ancient alien universe. Trapped on the Planet Sagar,
Blackstar is rescued by the tiny Trobbit
People. In turn, he joins their fight for
freedom against the Cruel Overlord. Who rules by the might of the PowerStar. The
PowerStar is split into the Power Sword....and the Starsword. And so with
Starsword in hand, Blackstar together with
his allies---Warlock, the Dragon-steed,
Mara the Lovely Enchantress, and Clone the Shape-Changer----sets out to save the
Planet Sagar. This is his destiny."
"City..", the 1st episode produced, is a
Very Good Episode in which viewers learn that the beautiful, young Mara the Sorceress who looks like she's 21.........
is really 201. Oh, and by the way--Storm the Amazon Queen---IS NOT IN THIS EPISODE!
The scheming Overlord, accompanied by his Grand Vizir and several Storm Troopers, find themselves in a cave deep
below the blue-hued tyrant's Ice Castle.
Before them, encased in ice, (doing a
Planet Sagar version of cryogenics), the
lovely Amber the Sorceress stands before
them as Vizir exclaims,
".....wrapped in sleep for centuries."
(Hey, I wonder if Mara did the same thing to herself before John Blackstar arrived
on the Planet from Earth!)
Suddenly, the Overlord and his cohorts
are attacked by the Cave Apes who inhabit
this frigid lair. After driving them away,
the Overlord and his Grand Vizir set Amber the Sorceress free from the encasement of ice and place her under a magic spell.....that she might lead them to the
lost City of Tamborian and the Scroll of
the Ancient Ones to use the knowledge and
power their to destroy and wipeout Blackstar and the Rebellion completely.
Meanwhile, at the Sagar Tree, home and
treehouse of the Trobbit People, nighttime has fallen and Blackstar
and his friends are totally unaware of the Overlord's doings. Clone the Shape-Changer is giving 5 of the 7 Trobbits---
--King Balkar, Terra, Gossamer, Rif, and
Carpo---a Shape-Shifting Show in which
he shows the Trobbits every animal he
can morph into. John Blackstar, newly arrived astronaut-hero, and the lovely blue-hued Mara are watching the stars.
Thanks to Pooloe and Burbil playing around with Balkar's magic and some ice
from the Overlord's Ice Castle, viewing
portal is opened along with an explosion
that draws everyone's attention to Balkar's lab, to witness the Overlord
and Amber, who Mara says was her ally
centuries ago, get ready to journey to
the lost City of Tamborian. Still under the Overlord's evil spell and right after
Mara's attempt to communicate with Amber
through the viewing portal, Mara's long-ago ally uses the power of her magic ring
to magically suck-up Clone and 6 Trobbits
within it. Thanks to the aid of the
Starsword, Blackstar, Mara, and Balkar are left back at the Sagar Tree and
journey to Tamborian to stop the Overlord.
Clone and the 6 Trobbits wind-up having
to defeat a crystal creature, however
Thank Sagar they have Pooloe and his
supersonic, high-frequency whistling.
Blackstar, Mara, and Balkar must cope
with a sandstorm and a lot of volcanoes
and after the Overlord gets his hands on the Scroll of the Ancient Ones, he ally causes Amber to break her
ring, causing Clone and the 6 Trobbits
to be released from the Crystal Dimension.
The Rebellion must now face Sumaro, the giant robot Guardian of Tamborian.
Blackstar then duels the Overlord aboard a magic skyship above an active
volcano. Blackstar grabs the Scroll and
accidentally tosses it into the volcano
below. Warlock, the dragon-steed comes
to Blackstar's rescue. The Overlord's magic skyship goes south.....literally.....and it looks like
he and his ship have......fallen into
an active volcano.
However, after everyone is together and safe in Tamborian and Mara is joyfully
reunited with Amber, Blackstar tells everyone,
"I think it'll take more than a volcano to stop......The Overlord."
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