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Butterscotch And Soda Cartoon Picture
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Butterscotch And Soda

Butterscotch And Soda

Butterscotch And Soda (1948) - Noveltoons Theatrical Cartoon Series Butterscotch And Soda

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  • Noveltoons Theatrical Cartoon Series
  • Distributed by: Paramount Studios
  • Cartoon Characters: Little Audrey, Petunia the Maid.
  • Originally Released in 1948.
  • TechniColor
  • U.S.A.  U.S.A.
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Cartoon Comments:

Butterscotch and Soda

Posted: January 24, 2011


I think this is a delightfully fanciful lesson on nutrition and deportment.

Like any little kid, Little Audrey would rather eat candy than a "boring" sensible lunch -- until a nightmarish visit to a candy land and a case of "The Tummy-Ache Blues" changes her mind.
Loved the hallucinations, the candy-related puns and sight gags, and the candy-themed monsters singing of Audrey's plight. This is truly a classic and it's a shame people all but ignore it today because of the characterization of the maid. A pretty "sweet" toon

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Butterscotch And Soda

Posted: February 27, 2002

Butterscotch And Soda

this is how i fell in love with little audrey. butterscotch and soda is my all time favorite a little boy point of view(1960's)when i first saw this day i wish i could save her from the tummy ache blues. ok i confess i was scared when i first saw this classic toon.yes the candy were mean to poor audrey. the end of her dream sequence did freak me out! but she went on to eat regular foods! i love when she tears apart her room searching for the candy she hid. great!!! how about the baked jelly beans and i'd walk a mile for a caramel. cool! and how about the barbar shop pole colors going up audrey's face. then "you got the tummy ache blues" on to the chase! when she gets stuck in the fudge, that's where i always wanted to jump in and rescue her. i rate this a 10 being the best! and 10 in scareing kids not to eat too much candy! and 10 to famous studio's for creating little audrey! i hope someday this cartoon gets restored.dispite aunt petuinia's stereotype looks which i never paid attention to.this cartoon is a classic. sorry tammitoon...i love butterscotch and soda! forever.

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Butterscotch And Soda

Posted: November 27, 2001

Butterscotch And Soda

This cartoon may have had good intentions of teaching kids the importance of nutrition, but I say it overdid it a little. The scene where Audrey's canary casts a shadow on the wall, causing her to scream and faint, was actually very frightening. Even scarier was when the bag of goodies came to life, and started to sing; then the various candies joined him in chasing and capturing Audrey.

I have not seen this short in about 30 years. I hope I never see it again. I would not recommend it to anyone. I rate it a 3.

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