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The Kids In The Shoe Cartoon Character Picture The Kids In The Shoe1935 FL3511
Fleischer Studios
 featuring Singing Little Boy, Woman in the Shoe, Kids.

The Kids In The Shoe On Video!  BCDB Rating: 4 out of 5 stars (45 stars from 6 users.)

The Kids In The Shoe

Comments by: Rating: 8 out of 10 stars Posted: April 27, 2003
Pretty damn funny stuff. I especially like thje way the shoe itself dances, to the exact beat of the guitar solo. Was the song recorded BEFORE the Fleischer people did any animating? (If so, this would've been a reverse of how they usually did it.)
It's cartoons like this that have me remembering what "Movies On TV" editor Steven H. Scheuer said: "The Fleischers had more style than Disney had all along, but nobody ever bothered to tell them."
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The Kids In The Shoe

Comments by: Rating: 10 out of 10 stars Posted: October 08, 2002


Far from the most ornate of the Color Classics, but far-and-away my favorite. From the unruly kids to the toe-tapping music, to the 3-D scene of the shoe, to the end with Mom taking a nip, this is what the Fleischers did best, and it was something no other studio --particularly Disney -- would have done. As the previous reviewer noted, it suckers you in with thoughts of a standard nursery rhyme-based cartoon and then surprises you.
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The Kids In The Shoe

Comments by: Rating: 6 out of 10 stars Posted: November 27, 2001
This short starts out as if it were a straight forward telling of the nursery rhyme story, but includes many cartoon gag situations that the Fleischer Studios were famous for. Most notibly is the first use of the teeth brushing in the bathroom mirror gag, where the kids grit their teeth in the mirror, squirt the toothpast onto the mirror, and brush their reflection. This gag was repeated ten years later in the POPEYE cartoon ME MUSICAL NEPHEWS and again in the 1950s remake. Just as the entire household, so shoehold settles down, one of the boy bursts into a rendition of "My Mama Don't Allow No Music in Here," as performed by Smiley Burnet of Gene Autry and later PETTICOAT JUNCTION fame. The infectious-ness of the song spreads and soon all the kids are joining in while Mother sleeps away. Even the shoe house can't resist this toe-tapping tune, and bounces and skips along in one of those marvelous three dimensional scenes produced by Max Fleischer's Stereoptical process. Just as every thing is reaching a climax, Mother wakes up, and showing a bottle of Castor Oil, all settle down and go to sleep. Finally, Mother turns to the camers sing that "raising children isn't very hard to do, if you follow the advice of the woman in the shoe." Then the Castor Oil label peels off, revealing a bottle of cider, which Mother guzzles. A charming fairly tale cartoon with comical twists.
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