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The Giant Bacteria Cartoon Picture
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The Giant Bacteria

The Giant Bacteria

The Giant Bacteria (1993) Season 1 Episode 93001- Swat Kats Cartoon Episode Guide The Giant Bacteria

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  • Swat Kats Cartoon Episode Guide
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  • Cartoon Characters: Jake Clawson, Razor, Chance Furlong, T-Bone, Mayor Manx, Commander Ulysses Feral, Deputy Mayor Callie Briggs, Felina Feral, Professor Hackle, Mr. Young, Dr. Abby Sinian, Ann Gora, Mac Mange, Molly Mange, The Pastmaster, Dark Ka, Dr. Viper, Hard Drive.
  • Originally Released in 1993.
  • Season: 1
  • Color
  • Running Time: 30 minutes.
  • U.S.A.  U.S.A.

Cartoon Comments:

The Giant Bacteria

Posted: October 10, 2001

The Giant Bacteria

The half kat, half snake mad scientist Dr. Viper transforms fellow villain Morbulus (an evil pilot who literally has eyes in the back of his head) into a "living test tube" - a huge, oozing bacteria monster. It attacks the city so that it can break into Megakat Biochemical Labs, allowing Viper to get inside and steal a rare chemical he wants called Katalyst 99. The SWAT Kats find stopping the bacteria difficult, since it divides into two whenever it is hit. This episode features the worst animation in the series, and the plot is kind of dull (it drags after the first commercial break). It's also a wee bit too extreme for the kiddies - Morbulus's transformation into the bacteria is VERY graphic and quite gross. There are also some frightening scenes in which the bacteria monsters eat a cow, a farmer, and later an entire subway train full of passengers. However, it is not without its good points. This is the debut episode of Dr. Viper (a popular villain in the show), and the opening scenes of the SWAT Kats chasing Morbulus are very action-packed and exciting.

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