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Hiss And Make Up 10 out of 5 stars

Rock, Scissors, Paper

Reviewed by: richardjf, July 11, 2004

There is an incredible handful of WB cartoons that shows primal rage in characters, all having the same, simplistic formula, all for some odd reason seem to involve cats and all are virtually unduplicated (there are at best 3 versions of Porky Pig and the silent Sylvester in a haunted situation).
* Claude the Cat fighting with that frisky puppy to the point where he blows up the furnace in the basement. They have had other cartoons, but the furnace one is eyebrow-raising to behold.
* Sylvester, Tweetie, Granny and Hector the bulldog, with a cast on his leg.
"Is That You, Hector?" and here comes Granny with the tonic. Finally it would backfire even on Tweety.
* There is a rarely seen gem with an anonymous cat in a bow waiting for the pet store to bring him another canary to devour. The cat is saturated in selfishness. Pure evil as he even watches for the delivery truck.
* Sylvester and the little white kitten in Elmer Fudd's house. Breaking dishes, and when that radio is turned on, there's no holding back anymore.
Then we have "Hiss and Make Up" a Friz Freleng offering.
With Roscoe the dog and Wellington the cat, these characters would never be seen again. They would evolve into Sylvester, Hector, even Foghorn Leghorn's arch-rival, the guard dog of the henhouse.
Yet Roscoe and Wellington are true precedents of the craft. Absolute pioneers.
The poor canary wanted nothing to do with the feud, which does make him a rarity as well. Finally he snapped in the end and turned on the duo.
Roscoe and Wellington would be one of the few times (at best I recall a Sam and Bugs fight) where we see the fellows wrestling and throwing the fists. All the other times it seems the cloud of dust would hide them from our view.
Yet even still, these two monsters pulled out all the stops; Roscoe would put Wellington's tail under the rocker.
To that classic Carl Stallings music, we see Wellington with an ink pad and dog prints making the living room look like Roscoe went mad.
There would be other rather obvious Stalling work on Granny coming down the stairs.
Roscoe retaliates with glue and feathers on WEllington's mouth.
Wellington does likewise with shaving cream on Roscoe!
Then the canary has had enough out of these two Granny-cowards.
And they reciprocate in the only way they know how.
Enter Granny.
Foghorn Leghorn, Hector the bulldog, Sylvester and Claude can only bow to these masters of the game.
Now hiss and make up!

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