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My Reviews (1 review)

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The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy 10 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: superpyro, January 01, 2004

here is a truely great cartoon from rough draft studios. previously paired with Evil ConCarne it now has its own half hour spot on cartoon network. Just think about friends with The Grim Reaper as a permanent guest star.
Billy - he is a complete moron who loves to eat his socks, just think about "Patrick Star" from Sponge Bob in little boy form. he is there for comic relief and stupid people jokes.
Mandy - a snotty little brat who talks in a monotone, but with a bad attitude. she is sadistic and likes to see everybody around her suffer and delights in causing them the pain.
The Grim Reaper (a.k.a Grim) - The Jamacan Grim Reaper is in 'da house mon! in the first episode Billy and Mandy travel to the Under World to reclaim the soul of thier dead/dying hamster. mandy challenges Grim to a game and cheats to win. her price: Grim must be her Best Friend-Slave FOREVER.
Erwin - Billys Brainy looking but none too bright friend who enjoys video games and is quite often only there for a situation joke. he isnt in too many episodes so there isnt too much known about him.
Billys Mom and Dad - they are very minor characters. Billys Dad is just as brainless as Billy and often gets into trouble with him. Billys mom is Rarely seen and even less frequently she has a line.
Hoss Delgado - a recuring character somewhat like a ghost busting Indiana Jones. he is always on the lookout for "evil" and runs into Grim (the very root of evil). they often end up in a great cartoon fight: Grims Nether-World Magic vs. Delgados inter-changeable high tech weaponry that goes on the end of his arm.
there are also several other characters who show up from time to time, including: Nergle, who lives at the center of the world, the Garage band "Purple Filth" whos members are often used as stand ins.
all an all this is an A++ cartoon with a little somthing for everybody
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