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My Reviews (1 review)

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Shrink to Fit 8 out of 5 stars

Sabrina and Chloe get too much of a good thing whe

Reviewed by: OldFogey, November 27, 2002

When snooty Gem comes to school in the new Waif Moth jeans, Sabrina and Chloe just have to have them for themselves. They discover that the jeans are incredibly tight, and rather than diet or exercise they sneak a magical scale from the Spookie Jar to shrink them down to size. The next day in school, the girls realize the jeans are not making them any more popular; and more important, the scale is making them shrink smaller and smaller!

The cartoon details the perils the tiny girls face in their quest to get home to reverse the scale's settings.

This is one of the better entries in this cartoon series. It was also one of the first, so the fact that the basic theme ("Sabrina tries to use magic to solve a problem and learns it was a mistake") was done over and over again in the series run is forgiveable. The adventure suffers a little from some of the standard formulas for kids' cartoons (incredible dumb luck on the part of the heroes, incredible stupidity on the part of the supporting characters) but all in all an entertaining story.

BLOOPER: In the lunchroom scene just after Sabrina and Chloe realize they're shrinking, we see them sitting in their chairs. They are already toddler-sized and have to use their purses as boosters on their seats. When Harvey joins them, Sabrina and Chloe duck under the table... and their purses have disappeared.
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