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My Reviews (1 review)

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Lady Lovely Locks - - To Take a Castle 3 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: Anonymous Cartoon Lover, April 06, 2011

With the help of Hairball and the Comb Gnomes, Ravenwaves orchestrates some clever ruses to take over Glory Manor and its crystal ball, but Shining Glory nabs the crystal ball after she flings it at LLL, the maidens and Prince. After Ravenwaves is thwarted, she loses the allegiance of the Gnomes and Hairball and is left to fend for herself (as if Shining Glory and the Lovely Locks gang were really going to hurt anyone). Ravenwaves complains that she is "always beaten" and "always alone," whereupon Lovely Locks instructs her to be kind to other people so that maybe she wouldn't always be alone. Ravenwaves becomes totally out of character and replies that she is "confused" and has "to think." Shining Glory then tells the others that there is still hope for Ravenwaves. I didn't like the ending to this because it appeared as if they were trying to end the series in a hurry by de-villainizing Ravenwaves in a few seconds. This whole series might have have been written with a whole-family-can-enjoy-it approach so that it could have a more lasting appeal through the years. It had more potential than was brought forth.
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