My Reviews (3 reviews)

My Reviews (3 reviews)

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A Movie 2 out of 5 stars

My Tenth Favorite Film Of All Time

Reviewed by: Alex Krajci, July 15, 2013

1940's Fantasia Is My Tenth Favorite Film Of All Time, My Segments That I Like In Fantasia Are Toccata And Fugue In D Minor, The Sorcerer's Apprentice, The Rite Of Spring, A Night On Bald Mountain And Ave Maria.
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Fantasia 10 out of 5 stars

Reviewed by: dingdog, June 05, 2004

This is the original. Accept NO SUBSTITUTES!!!!!
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Fantasia 10 out of 5 stars


Reviewed by: colinf, March 30, 2003

What? No-one has actually reviewed this yet!

This is outstanding. You can keep your computer generated effects, etc. This is art, and it certainly shows. For a film that is so old, you have to appreciate the vast amount of work that went into this. Blood, sweat and tears had obviously been shed to produce this Masterpiece and every ounce of talent is there for you to see.

And yet, I have heard Fantasia panned by my friend when I tell them that it is my favourite Disney movie every produced. There reasons for hating are that there is no story and they don't like classical music. Oh yes, and after hundreds of clips on other shows, they were expecting more of Mickey Mouse in the film than they actually got. Actually, that last point was the reason many parents returned there VHS copies back to the shops for a refund on the movies original VHS release - there simply wasn't enough Mickey Mouse to entertain their kids (obviously the kids didn't like classical music either).

Ah yes, but these people miss the point. 60 odd years ago, Disney full length cartoons weren't made for kids - they were art!

I've always like classical music (yes, even as a kid. Then again, I'm a Doctor Who fan, so I was never a normal kid anyway) so Fantasia already had me won over by a soundtrack album I once bought. Numerous clips of The Sorceror's Apprentice also held me in wonder as a child. But the turning point was when DisneyTime showed a clip of the dancing mushrooms. What on earth was all that about and how did that tie-up with the Mickey Mouse bits I've seen before (my ten-year old mind thought)? That was it, I had to see this film. When it finally emerged on VHS I was not disappointed - the rest of the family didn't like it, but hey, I loved it and still do.

Needless to say, I now own the all-singing-all-dancing Fantasia Legacy DVD set. And it's worth every penny.
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